Perform At Your Peak Therapy

Conditions treated

The InterX & FlexBeam have been shown in clinical data and over 4,000 peer-reviewed publications with controlled studies to be highly effective across a wide range of conditions, helping a broad spectrum of patients return to an active lifestyle with faster recovery times.


Injuries acute & chronic:

⦁    Non-drug pain relief
⦁    Increased range of motion
⦁    Reduction in swelling in acute injuries
⦁    Reduced recovery time
⦁    Regain performance   

Autonomic nervous system response: 

⦁    Deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (the flight/flight system)
⦁    Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (allowing relaxation, healing etc.)
⦁    Reduces the effects of stress
⦁    Improves sleep
⦁    Normalises blood pressure and heart rate 
⦁    Improved microcirculation
⦁    Improved cellular oxygenation
⦁    Improved ATP production (increased energy metabolism)
⦁    Increased activation of the immune system   

Peak Performance benefits include:

⦁    Reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)  
⦁    Increased energy and endurance before and after exercise
⦁    Reduction of the effects of stress of competitions
⦁    Improved sleep
⦁    Faster recovery time after performance   


⦁    Joint pain (e.g. back, neck, shoulder etc.)
⦁    Dental pain
⦁    Menstrual cramps & pain
⦁    Bruising
⦁    Muscle pain and tears
⦁    Burns
⦁    Bone fracture
⦁    Post-surgery recovery
⦁    Arthritis
⦁    Herpes virus outbreak
⦁    Bad circulation
⦁    Weakened immune system
⦁    Fibromyalgia
⦁    CFS/ME (chronic fatigue)
⦁    IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) C
⦁    RPS (complex regional pain syndrome)
⦁    Sports fatigue (faster recovery time for elite athletes)  


Each appointment lasts 45 mins. The length of treatment time varies depending on the condition.

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A comparative study demonstrating the significant benefit of InterX vs TENS 
(PDF file - click to enlarge)