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Examples of testimonies received


' I contacted Anne after I was unable to get the help I needed from my GP or hospital and I am ever so pleased I did. She correctly diagnosed & has been helping me with recovery from a deep vein thrombosis that otherwise could have been fatal. Anne treated not just the localised internal injury (the attitude, well-intentioned, of my GP and the vascular team I was eventually referred to) but me as a whole person, for example with additional advice on exercise, tailored to benefit my full healing, not just my recovery from DVT. Under her guidance I have been using a personal FlexBeam device with incredible & fast results. Perhaps most importantly Anne helped by giving me hope, simply by being herself throughout my ongoing treatment: open, patient, practical and reliable, with a genuine, tangible wish to see and help usher in an overall holistic recovery. I cannot recommend Anne Allen enough.'  C.H.

'Anne is a highly dedicated professional who has studied and used the therapies she is offering over many years. They have had an enormous impact in enabling her to recover from two major operations and she can speak with first hand experience about the health outcomes that have been achieved. She has studied with the world experts in these therapies and I personally am utilising her services to prepare for colorectal surgery to ensure my body and mind are prepared for the surgery. I would recommend her to anyone as she has a very reassuring manner backed by all the expertise she has at her fingertips' A.S.

'Anne has worked with both me and my daughter. Her entire approach is designed to help you make positive changes from day one. Her vast experience is quite impressive and I believe helped her coach us both with the areas we needed a bit of help with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.' V.M.

'I have had the benefit of 4 sessions of Havening with Anne. The difference it has made to my ability to speak publicly without having my previous nervous apprehension prior to each occasion is quite remarkable. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone to contact Anne. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and extremely well motivated, who achieves the desired results, a STAR!!!  Thank you Anne.' B.C.

'The session helped eliminate long-held, negative thoughts about myself and provided clarity on my values by identifying what's really important to me. I feel much more positive going forward.' T.S.

'I found the whole experience so easy... After just one session with Anne my confidence was boosted and it has made a massive difference to my life. I would thoroughly recommend anyone with any concerns to make an appointment with Anne.' C.B.

'I just want to tell you how positive things have been since last week and how things have improved dramatically. My body clock has returned to normal and my PTSD symptoms are barely there any more. Just to show the change, I delivered a youth talk and sang in the choir at church and didn't freak out once!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!'  J.B.

Perform At Your Peak Therapy is safe and easy to use with children too:

'My 8 year old son went to Anne for a session and absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend Anne to those looking for a way to calm nerves. She makes it great fun and he has been using the techniques ever since.'  J.K.

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