Anne's NLP session helped eliminate long-held negative thoughts about myself. I feel much more positive going forward.
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NLP / Havening Therapy for anxiety

Stress, anxiety, nerves and fears are an inevitable part of living. It is impossible to avoid these feelings, which can occur daily in almost every area of life.

This often leads to an unwelcome sense of helplessness, dread or hopelessness. With the added pressure of a global pandemic working to your full potential has become stressful; working from home, homeschooling children, eating healthily trying to get enough exercise, etc. Looking after yourself is so important but most of us don't seem to find the time.

Does this sounds familiar?  You will have already recognised some unhelpful responses in the way you react to stress. These will all hold you back from achieving your potential.

While we cannot change the world which triggers these unhelpful symptoms and reactions to it, I will help you to understand why your mind and body are reacting the way they are and then use fast yet powerful techniques to greatly reduce or totally eliminate the negative impact they are having on your life.   

If you would like to be more relaxed, in a more resourceful state, able to cope with stress better, if you have goals you would like to be better equipped to fulfil, if you are ready to reach your full potential book a free phone consultation or make an appointment here.