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Introducing InterX and FlexBeam

Anne Allen is one of the few practitioners internationally who practises energy medicine using InterX & FlexBeam simultaneously, the latest technologies to successfully treat acute trauma, chronic and neuropathic pain as well as many other conditions. 


Anne was introduced to InterX therapy whilst recovering from a bone tumour in her leg and post-viral chronic fatigue. So impressed by the results that far surpassed any prognosis, having made a full recovery, Anne trained with Dr Zulia Frost, a world expert, pioneer therapist and trainer in the field of pain management and rehabilitation using InterX, Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN).

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More recently Anne also completed her training with Zulia as a practitioner of FlexBeam, the world's first flexible, targeted red light therapy device. 

Photobiomodulation is used to relieve pain, resolve inflammation and increase the speed, quality and strength of tissue repair. Both InterX and FlexBeam devices invigorate the body’s own healing responses resulting in faster, safer recovery.

This therapy:

⦁    Is non-invasive
⦁    Involves no drugs
⦁    Is safe for adults and children
⦁    Has no side effects
⦁    Can be used over scars
⦁    Can be used on new injuries
⦁    Is safe to use over internal metal work 

What is InterX?


InterX is a Class II medical device using technology known as Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN). NIN, first developed in Russia, uses electrical stimulation for the relief of acute and chronic pain. InterX is unusual in that it incorporates a biofeedback system; the electrical stimulus is modulated in response to the impedance of the patient’s skin. InterX NIN therapy therefore offers the unique ability for the therapist to locate optimal treatment areas with the device, targeting them with specific interactive, high amplitude, and high density pulsing current.   

What is FlexBeam?

FlexBeam is a cutting-edge light therapy device using Red and Nr. Infra-Red LEDs at specifically chosen wavelengths that trigger healing, reduce pain, revive immunity, heal your skin, recharge your cells and optimise performance e.g. before and after sport.  

FlexBeam is unique in light therapy as it has been designed with the following features:

  • On-skin therefore targets a specific point

  • Flexible to fit the contours of the body part being treated

  • Modulated waveform 

  • Uses wavelengths that your body responds to most powerfully

  • Different settings to penetrate to bone & organs if required 



The body is a battery, but functions differently from say an AA Duracell. It is a dynamic, solar-powered battery so your body’s battery is powered by light. Charged EZ water in your cells reacts when it comes into contact with infrared light.  Here is a YouTube video of a TEDx presentation,  Water, Cells and Life by Dr Gerald Pollack.  


InterX therapy.jpg

The Sun is the primary source of energy for your body battery, as it is for plants and animals. Red and Nr Infra-Red light therapy uses this knowledge to target the root cause of pain instead of suppressing the symptoms. It stimulates the body’s natural anti-inflammatory molecules which help your body heal more effectively. Simultaneously nitric oxide and melatonin are released for powerful antimicrobial effect, which helps prevent infection by both viruses and bacteria. Skin elasticity and production of collagen is enhanced for an anti-aging effect and speeds up the healing of wounds and scars. 

Red light therapy is also proven to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and gives your body increased energy and endurance before and after exercise. 

Conditions treated.

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