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Anne Allen Perform At Your Peak Therapist, InterX, Flexbeam, Pain, anxiety, injuries, healing, NLP, Havening, chronic pain, back pain, sciatica, neck pain, sports injuries

MA Cantab., PG Dip. RNCM, Master Practitioner of NLP, Member of the College of Medicine

Anne graduated from Cambridge University and The Royal Northern College of Music with distinction. Since then she has performed around the world on the flute and given coaching sessions to individuals and groups. Topics include exam & audition practice, overcoming nerves and how to stretch to avoid injuries.

Anne's experiences of an exhilarating yet physically & mentally demanding career combined with lessons learnt overcoming life-threatening illnesses & injuries (including cancer and ME/CFS) led to a passion for understanding our brains & bodies and how we heal.

Anne Allen

Leave pain behind, move forward in life

Anne now combines these experiences with further training in Class II Energy Medicine devices, NLP, Havening and Personal Training to deliver treatment to her clients in London, Devon, Dorset and online.


Anne is passionate about helping driven, successful individuals to stay happy and healthy in body and mind. She created Perform At Your Peak Therapy to help people get rid of pain, heal injuries and reduce the effects of mental and physical stress and pressure. Most people work too hard and don't take the time to look after themselves. Most people are in pain. Perform At Your Peak Therapy is designed to help you to leave pain behind and flourish. 

Anne has had the privilege to speak about mental and physical wellbeing in a variety of settings and has also had articles published.

Perform At Your Peak InterX and FlexBeam therapy uses the latest sophisticated technologies in electrical stimulation with biofeedback and in light therapy to treat acute and chronic pain, illness and injuries. InterX and FlexBeam are medical devices that stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. The chemical and electrical messages your brain uses to heal are restored to optimal levels and the water in your cells becomes ionised (negatively charged) which further enables this to happen. So not only will your symptoms be relieved (such as pain) but the underlying reasons will be treated (eg inflammation), you will feel more energy, happier and furthermore you will know how to recover from any further injuries in the future, faster. These treatments happen in person.


Also offered is NLP / Havening Therapy which teaches you fast and powerful techniques to greatly reduce or totally eliminate the negative impact of stress, distress and anxiety on your life. These sessions are often delivered online.

Anne Allen, Perform at your peak Therapist
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