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The difference it has made to my ability to speak publicly without nervous apprehension prior to each occasion is quite remarkable.

What are NLP and Havening?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of being excellent. It is used for personal development in all areas of life allowing you to improve how you think, behave and therefore feel. It will help you become even more successful while achieving good physical and mental health. 

Havening is a technique designed to help individuals overcome the consequences of traumatic encoding and stressful life events. There are three strands - the first is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma, the second is for wellness, stress management & peak performance and the third is a self-help tool.

Anne Allen Havening and NLP Master Practitioner creator of Perform At Your Peak Therapy with an image of the brain.

Havening has been shown to help with anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, distressing memories, anger, grief, panic attacks, PTSD and many other problems.

Perform At Your Peak Therapy combines NLP and Havening to give you a set of tools and techniques that help you deal with unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours. Even just one session will enable you to introduce new, helpful and constructive habits that positively improve your life.

These techniques work quickly and deeply. You won't need weeks of sessions therefore this therapy is both time and cost effective. Location is no obstacle as online sessions are equally effective so you can be treated in the comfort and safety of your own home via Skype or FaceTime.

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All information shared is strictly confidential. DBS checked.  

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