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InterX & FlexBeam Testimonials

Acute Rugby Injury case study - Danny Cipriani 2008

Wasps & England Rugby player, 21 years old

Double fracture & ankle dislocation during a bad tackle

Immediate surgery required

InterX used immediately to reduce pain & inflammation & promote healing & daily thereafter

Returned to full competitive play 18 weeks later (6-8 weeks faster than expected)

Acute Trauma case study - Rugby World Cup France 2007 

Injury Case Study

Day 1: Biceps Femoris Tear

Day 2-22: 4 InterX treatments daily + manual therapy & intensive rehab

Day 20: Full participation in training

Day 23: World Cup Quarter Final England vs Australia, athlete played the full game

Planter Faciitis ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Jose

'After only two sessions the intensity of pain has noticeably diminished in my foot and knee. This improvement is remarkable; having attempted various approaches including physiotherapy and PT I couldn't envisioned a successful resolution. Anne's professionalism and expertise are evident. Thanks to her I was able to take part in a swimming session with my club today and can now visualise a return to running as well.'

FlexBeam is our first aid kit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Ivana

'Thank you for introducing us to FlexBeam and it’s powers to support our bodies to heal. And to all your shared knowledge with protocols to support different things we have dealt with. It has been wonderful learning how we can use it and how this simple device can become part of our home medical support kit.' 

Anne's InterX treatments cured my hay fever  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Peter

'Using InterX treatment cured my hay fever. For the last 8 years I have had hay fever, sometimes starting as early as January and lasting until the end of May. Those who suffer from hay fever know how disabling this can be. A half hours walk by the river or in the park and my eyes are red and sore and I cannot wear contact lenses (which I wear all day normally). I sneeze repeatedly, like a heavy cold, for several days. My nose is often completely blocked which makes sleeping difficult. I feel very tired and drained.

'Since I started using InterX, guided by the skilful Anne, my hay fever just disappeared. This is against the trend where it was getting worse year after year. I would normally take antihistamines for months which would help somewhat but I would still have to avoid certain places. Now, just when the weather is getting warmer again, I have been free to go wherever I want and enjoy the spring flowers with no side effects. Before the InterX treatment I couldn’t wear my contact lenses once the hay fever started. But now I have worn them for months with no problems at all. I have asthma and chronic rhinitis so I often have blocked sinuses, but InterX has really helped my breathing, a wonderful side effect. 

I heartedly recommend InterX. There are no negative side effects, it's not invasive and has really made a difference to my life. Thanks Anne.'  

Anne's specialist knowledge of Flexbeam and thrombosis  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Chris

'I contacted Anne after I was unable to get the help I needed from my GP or hospital and I am ever so pleased I did. She correctly diagnosed & has been helping me with recovery from a deep vein thrombosis that otherwise could have been fatal. Anne treated not just the localised internal injury (the attitude, well-intentioned, of my GP and the vascular team I was eventually referred to) but me as a whole person, for example with additional advice on exercise, tailored to benefit my full healing, not just my recovery from DVT. Under her guidance I have been using a personal FlexBeam device with incredible & fast results. Perhaps most importantly Anne helped by giving me hope, simply by being herself throughout my ongoing treatment: open, patient, practical and reliable, with a genuine, tangible wish to see and help usher in an overall holistic recovery. I cannot recommend Anne Allen enough.'  

Feeling stronger & healthier than ever after treatment preparing for surgery  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Andrew

'Anne is a highly dedicated professional who has studied and used the therapies she is offering over many years. They have had an enormous impact in enabling her to recover from two major operations and she can speak with first hand experience about the health outcomes achieved. She has studied with world experts in these therapies and I personally am utilising her services to prepare for colorectal surgery to ensure my body and mind are well prepared. I would recommend her to anyone as she has a very reassuring manner backed by all the expertise she has at her fingertips.' 

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