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Coronavirus & your safety

Havening/NLP sessions are extremely successful and popular online. I will still be treating InterX and FlexBeam clients one-to-one with full adherence to sanitization and disinfection between clients. Extra time will be given between clients to allow for this. I politely request that you wear a facemask and use hand sanitiser on arrival.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

a corona virus

The benefits of FlexBeam for your immune system & its effects on C19

Just one session will boost your immune system and improve your recovery from all viruses. Book today for the earliest available appointments.

This is a fantastic research paper published by Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) showing how Vitamin D affects the immune system and covid-19, confirming studies displaying the use of photobiomodulation, i.e. FlexBeam. By impacting the growth of blood vessels (vasoendothelial factors) the device prevents vascular development of covid. (Targeting the same eNos. increasing production of nitric oxide and modulating nK cells help to manage the cytokine storm, when the immune system flares up and goes into overdrive).

Nutrients 2020, 12(7), 2097.

Using your breath to beat anxiety & panic attacks

Here is a short video explaining briefly why we get symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. It contains tips to on how to use simple breathing to help feel better, cope better and boost your immune system. 

It's easy for children and adults to watch and understand.  Please share and pass on to anyone it could help.  Thank you.

(Direct link to the video on YouTube.)

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