I can heartily recommend InterX. There are no side effects, it's not invasive and has made a real difference to my life.


Anne Allen is one of the few practitioners internationally who practises energy medicine using InterX and FlexBeam devices simultaneously, the latest scientific technologies to successfully treat acute trauma, chronic and neuropathic pain and many other conditions. She treats clients in Fulham SW6, Acton W3 & Dorset BH18 and in special circumstances does home visits.

Non-Invasive Interactive Neurostimulation, InterX therapy, InterX device, healing device, heal pain

Anne was introduced to InterX therapy whilst recovering from a bone tumour in her leg and post-viral chronic fatigue. So impressed by the results that far surpassed any prognosis, having made a full recovery, Anne trained with Dr Zulia Frost, a world expert, pioneer therapist and trainer in the field of pain management and rehabilitation using InterX, Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN).

Both InterX and FlexBeam devices invigorate the body’s own pain relief and healing responses resulting in faster, safer recovery.

Studying with Dr Zulia Frost a world expert in Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation

This therapy

⦁    Is non-invasive
⦁    Involves no drugs
⦁    Is safe for adults and children
⦁    Has no side effects
⦁    Can be used over scars
⦁    Can be used on new injuries
⦁    Is safe to use over internal metal work 

What is InterX?

InterX is a Class II medical device using technology known as Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN). NIN, first developed in Russia, uses electrical stimulation for the relief of acute and chronic pain. InterX is unusual in that it incorporates a biofeedback system; the electrical stimulus is modulated in response to the impedance of the patient’s skin. InterX NIN therapy therefore offers the unique ability for the therapist to locate optimal treatment areas with the device, targeting them with specific interactive, high amplitude, and high density pulsing current.   

Non-Invasive Interactive neurostimulation, InterX therapy, InterX device, healing device, heal pain

Each appointment lasts 45 mins. The length of treatment time varies depending on the condition.

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Who uses InterX?


Carmarthenshire Trust Pain departments, UK

Colchester General, UK

Physiotherapy Corporation, USA (700 clinics)

American Sports Medicine Institute, USA

The Mayo Clinics, USA

SOCHA rehab institute, Slovenia


US Army, Marines & Air Force

Navy Seals, CA USA

Andrews Military Hospital (Annex & The Pentagon)

Bethesda Military Hospital

West Point Military Academy USA

Landstuhl Military Hospital, Germany


RFU (Rugby), all teams in the UK

NFL (American Football)

NBA (Basketball)

MLS (Soccer)

MLB (Baseball)

Olympic Teams in Europe, USA, Canada

Maria Sharapova (Tennis Player, Russia)

AC Milan Football Team

Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club, Spain.jfi